Yes, That Is Doug Collins Quoting Birdman On ESPN

By | 25 Comments

Doug knows "what happened to that boy."


NFL Prospect Mike Evans Inks Deal With Cash Money Sports

By | 3 Comments

Roc Nation Sports isn't the only rapper-inspired sports agency on the block in 2014.


Young Thug Signs With Cash Money Records

By | 23 Comments

Get ready for the "Stoner" life to go mainstream...well...mainstreamier.

The iPod Shuffle

The iPod Shuffle – Lil Wayne’s “Loud Pipes”

By | 13 Comments

For the OG's who can appreciate a blast from the past and the young heads who need one, this was Lil Wayne long, long before Young Money came into the picture.


No Old Friends: Turk Airs Out “B*tch N***as” Birdman & Lil Wayne For Ignoring Calls After Father’s Death

By | 36 Comments

Since his father's death, Turk says Lil Wayne, Birdman, Slim, Juvenile and Mannie Fresh have all yet to answer his phone calls or reply to any of his text messages.

The Game

The Game Signs With Cash Money?

By | 29 Comments

According to <a href="">the tweet by Mr. Handrub</a> himself, the Cash Money army just enlisted a new soldier.

paris hilton

Here’s The Paris Hilton + Lil Wayne “Good Time” Video Everyone Was Waiting For

By | 12 Comments

And by "waiting for," we mean just wanted to see it so we could point and laugh.

paris hilton

Paris Hilton And Lil Wayne Seem To Be Having A “Good Time” Together

By | 17 Comments

Remember when we were all kind of hoping that <a href="">Paris Hilton signing to Cash Money</a> was just a marketing ploy, something that would never actually lead to any music.

The Reject Stone

Al Sharpton Joins The Cash Money Army With New Book Deal

By | 3 Comments

Al Sharpton's now a soldier on Cash Money's burgeoning payroll.


Paris Hilton Signs With Cash Money Because

By | 31 Comments

<a href=""></a>Paris and Tunechi, labelmates Hear ye, hear ye.

The Persuaders

Not A Repost: Cash Money Records Sued, Again

By | 12 Comments

Another day, another lawsuit for Cash Money Records.

Young Money Records

Juvenile Talks Cash Money, Bad Contracts & Lil Wayne Getting Ripped Off

By | 7 Comments

"Just know that [the record industry is] 95 percent business and 5 percent talent.

The Hot Boys

Mannie Fresh Revisits The Hot Boys’ “Get It How U Live” 15 Years Later

By | 9 Comments

Mannie Fresh sat down <a href="" target="_blank">The Boombox</a> for a special feature allowing the legendary producer to break down down The Hot Boys' debut album, Get It How U Live, which dropped a decade and a half ago.


Cash Money’s 11 Best Thug Love Songs

By | 12 Comments

With cuffing season <a href="">right around the corner</a>, now's the time to grab your prospective main squeeze and tell her what the deal is.

Young Money Records

Juvenile Signed To YMCMB?

By | 15 Comments

After leaving Cash Money Records in 2002 over theft allegations, New Orleans rapper Juvenile seems to have completely buried the hatchet.

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