Smoke Break Mixtape

Devin The Dude – Smoke Break Mixtape

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*Shrugs shoulders* Just one big mp3 that ended up in the inbox.

The Miseducation Of Freddie Gibbs

Freddie Gibbs Feat. Devin The Dude – “Stray” (Remix)

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With these two [lyrical] tokers on the track, it could be 4/20 any day of the year.


“I’m An Outside Veteran…”

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Here's a couple new album joints from an artist we recently smoked with, Slim Thugga.

Zion I

“Antenna” – Review Of Zion I’s The TakeOver

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The group Zion I have been underground stalwarts since they first joined forces back in 1998.

Snoop Dogg

“In My Draws” – Review Of Devin The Dude’s Landing Gear

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If you are familiar with Devin The Dude as a rapper, then you already know what topics his album will touch on before you even push play.


Devin The Dude – “El Grande Nalgas”

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And that's "the big butt" by the way.


Devin The Dude – “I Can’t Make It Home”

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A little promo PSA from Devin plus a track from his upcoming full length album, Landing Gear.

Trouble Man OST

Run It Back…

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It's a good thing we're beyond the days of the cassette tape.

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