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LeSean Didn’t Love Me Enough As A Child


In case you need to get caught up on the NFL goings-on from over the weekend, you're in luck - nothing much happened.

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Gonna Ride Now – KSK Kontent Klearinghouse


Happened a little bit ago, but new to me: Eagles offensive lineman Danny Watkins bought his own fire engine, fulfilling the dreams of boys ages 4-7 the world over.

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Michael Vick Is Trashy


This year's Coachella really did have an unexpected abundance of NFL phenomena.

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This Should End Well


Jackson guarantees the #Eagles will win a Super Bowl in the next five years w/him under contract.

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What Memes May Come – SNF Open Thread


As you might remember, it was Vince Young's preseason boasting that birthed the "dream team" moniker for the Eagles that has been the go-to mocking referent every single time the team has faltered in some way.

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My Parrot Is So High: Eagles-Bears Live Blog


Monday Night Memorial Buddy Bowl Buddy Ryan, defensive mastermind and begetter of hilarious coaches, will be honored at halftime tonight.

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Vickadelphia/Matty Iceland Live Blog


Vickadelphia Vs. Ron Mexico's Garden of Ookie Delights Under no circumstances will this game not be all about Michael Vick all the time.

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Probably A Better Matchup Than Whatever The NFC Championship Will Be


If Only There Were A Decent QB Playing Eagles and the Packers in the playoffs should evoke memories of the 4th and 26 conversion the Eagles pulled off en route to losing yet another NFC title game.

yes I know the Vikings are eliminated

‘Nation Of Wussies’ Rejoices For Football On Unusual Day


The First Lop-sided Tuesday Night Game In 64 Years Normally, Ed Rendell is a never-ending font of fatheaded Filthydelphia f*cktardery, but I'll give the Pennsylvania governor credit for ragging on The Rog for postponing the Vikes-Eagles game on Sunday on account of a blizzard.

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Because Michael Vick Is Still More Interesting Than LeBron James


Ookie might have gotten his first loss of this season this past Sunday (sorry, the Redskins game where he got hurt in the first quarter doesn't go on him) but he probably made the sickest throw of the season late in the fourth quarter, hitting quadruple-covered Brent Celek in the end zone for a touchdown to at least make the game close for one last onside kick.

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Destoyer Of Defenses Faces Destroyer Of Quarterbacks


During the NBC pregame show, Dan Patrick asked Tony Dungy whether Michael Vick would be as good a quarterback without serving time in prison.

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North Jersey vs. South Jersey. WHO YA GOT?


Jerseykkake Call it East Coast Bias, call it a predilection to avoid games that don't matter, but it's probably best for us to live blog a game with actual playoff implications rather than Monday night's affair where THIS GUY gets to clinch the NFC West crown over THAT GUY.

Zorn and Reid will waste all three timeouts before kickoff

Is Witnessing Redskins Fan Abject Misery Enough to Make This Game Watchable? Let’s Hope So!


You Owe Dan Snyder $5 for Every Comment Made on This Live Blog You must have some really pivotal fantasy starters in this game (they better be on the Eagles) or else we need to look into some kind of live blog addiction intervention for the lot of you.

still no hope for the vikings

Your Wild Kardkkake Finale Between Kirby and Baldie


The last time Philly appeared in the playoffs, we got "Fuck Da Eagles" girl.

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Chilly Chill vs. Amorphous Blob With Headset. WHO YA GOT?


When a former offensive coordinator who can't coach offense and a head coach with no grasp on clock management get together, it makes you wonder how these two clowns aren't working for Jim Johnson.

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Cowboys Capture the Heart of TIXAS!


So long as it doesn't give out.

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