Capt. Jack is still Capt. Jack, plus Kobe playing pro ball in China?

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In a way, it must be nice playing for an NBA organization that barely seems to know up from down, and for a coach who delivers his rendition of the "Inches" speech while drinking a Bud Lite.


Bobcats and Mavs making moves, and the champs at the White House

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Since Lamar Odom is waiting for some NBA team to discover 10 million extra dollars in their couch cushions, and the Knicks and Allen Iverson still haven't realized they're perfect for each other, there wasn't much happening around the League yesterday.

#Chris Paul

Hornets get a big-man upgrade; the Mavs’ new reality TV show

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Dating back to the failed '09 deadline trade that was supposed to send Tyson Chandler to Oklahoma City for a package headlined by Chris Wilcox, every rumored deal we heard involving Chandler had the Hornets getting short-changed.


Rockets, Lakers (kinda) pull off a trade; Rubio not going to Wolves

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Look at it this way: If the Rockets offered Ron Artest to the Lakers for Trevor Ariza straight-up and the money was even, wouldn't L.


The Sickest Man in America

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We're pretty sure that when Courtney Lee visualized his first NBA Finals experience, this wasn't how he thought he'd make headlines.


Should Ben Gordon Get Paid?

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Remember last summer when Ben Gordon said that he wanted "Luol Deng money" from the Bulls.

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