05.18.11 7 years ago 25 Comments

I, PUNTE, AM DOING TOMORROW’S MAILBAG, so get those questions in as soon as you can. You beautiful people know the drill: one fantasy football question and one sex question. Jeez, why am I even spelling this out? Especially after saying “You guys know the drill?” Can I make this mail call any more redundant? More redundant?

Instead of blacklisting certain questions, here are a few topics I would like questions on: early relationship dating, mid-relationship dating (like the Hey we’ve been together for a year but what the hell do we do now? variety) and anything interracial. Do not let me down on the interracial, people. Email either kissingSuzyKolber-at-gmail or MondayMorningPunter-at-gmail. The f*ck doctor is in.

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