Sizzurp’s Being Discontinued And Some Rapper Is Reportedly Paying Big Bucks For Remaining Bottles

04.24.14 3 years ago 26 Comments

Supply and demand is a basic model in business. And pretty soon the supply of codeine is going to demand some pretty high prices. At least that is what the streets are claiming.

After major pharmaceutical company Actavis reportedly has ceased production of their prominent, top-shelf Promethazine Codeine cough syrup. Per TMZ, a company rep states “Given [recent media attention], Actavis has made the bold and unprecedented decision to cease all production and sales of its Promethazine Codeine product.”

According to the rest of the article, folks are dropping big bucks to snatch up remaining bottles with some prices being tagged at $800+ per pint, while some rapper is allegedly dropping six-figure prices to acquire a supply of his own. Don’t worry, it’s not Soulja Boy because he’s already posted a pic on Instagram confirming that his stash is intact.

Dropping eight bills on a pint sounds ridiculous, when you can just go on Instagram, and order a bottle of Actavis for $150-300 right now, and that includes free overnight shipping. But that’s until the well runs dry. Then, rappers will have to find another brand to endorse.

Still, I find it kind of bizarre that people are allegedly freaking out over Actright disappearing, when there are perfectly good alternatives out there. Hi-Tech Pharmasudicals, Qualitest Pharmasudicals, and Endo Health Solutions are still making the product, so chill folks.

Just don’t take my Jolly Ranchers away.

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