An Exoskeleton, You Know, For Kids!

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Japanese company Sakakibara-Kikai made years ago.  It could only be operated by adults, so they thought it would be a great idea to build a 5.25 foot (1.6 meter) tall kid’s version called The Kid’s Walker.  Because kids can totally be trusted to wield 400 pounds (180 kg) of gas-powered robot menace.

Sakakibara-Kikai was careful to implement appropriate safety features, with the hand grip controls outfitted with a safety that limits the movement to an acceptable level. The Kid’s Walker doesn’t really walk either, but rather it shuffles along in a very stable sort of step/roll motion should be fine for children to handle. [Gizmag]

I’m still not convinced this isn’t a kid-sized killing machine.  At least the company says they aren’t selling it yet, but, if they did, it would cost around $21,600.  In other words, expect to eventually see one of these, sun-faded, in a grocery store parking lot, sitting next to a rusted tilt-a-whirl while a guy non-ironically wearing a mullet, short shorts, and neon wayfarers tells you it’s totally safe, put your kid in there, only seven tickets.  For eight tickets, his sister will spit in your mouth.  For nine tickets, she won’t spit in your mouth.  I’m digressing.  Here’s a video.  Of the The Kid’s Walker, I mean:

There’s no sound, but luckily I found the audio track they stripped away and sold to the BBC:

[First video via Engadget]

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