Apologies To Your Scorched Retinae For The Colts Fan Shots

11.02.10 7 years ago 37 Comments

Not much interesting to say about this one. The Texans ran the ball well, but Matt Schaub shit the bed with marbly logs that would please even Rex himself. Onto the random assemblage on screencaps.

Gruden as the sheriff of Shticktown in the booth during pregame. Because Peyton is “The Sheriff,” you see, and we are “The Dumbf*cks Who Keep Tuning Into This Shit.”

Even Gruden-inspired costumes are perplexing and idiotic.

This jolly corpulent fellow was mocking the officials who marked Peyton short of a first down on a rare gambol beyond the line of scrimmage. Some in the live blog labeled his invention “boo googles.” Others called them “boogles.” That’s better than redneck pince-nez, which would have been my initial choice.

Been nice knowing you, pleasant dreams.

Hate your joke. Hate your font. Hate your chin. Hate your chin. Hate your chin. Hate your chin. And hate all the other chins.

Christ, I’m sorry, here are a couple of the Saints’ costumed cheerleaders yesterday as a small effort to make amends.

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