Take That, Take That, Take That: The 10 Greatest Contributions Bad Boy Records Gave Rap

01.30.14 4 years ago 17 Comments
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Puffy reportedly shutting the studio down has apparently been greatly exaggerated.

Regardless of present-day interest or feelings about Puff’s multi-hundred million dollar investment, the contributions Diddy and Bad Boy have provided the game throughout their run is nearly immeasurable. These aren’t the only 10, but we here at TSS like to believe they’re a strong 10 entries.

For example…

1. Rap & R&B Collaborations + Bad Boy’s Insane R&B Run

My girlfriend and I had a conversation a few months back about Rap&B songs. Not surprising in the least bit, Bad Boy Records was well represented. Credit Puff for understanding R&B sold records. And credit Puff for understanding rap was a cash cow in the making (at least in the ’90s) then blending the two together creating for not only classics…but timeless classics.

Check this run. Between the years 1994-2002, Bad Boy dropped both Biggie albums, debuts from Mase, Shyne, G-Dep, Black Rob, the LOX and Craig Mack, the Junior Mafia album and Puff’s solo album, all of which went at least gold. Impressive enough as is, rap wasn’t the only genre Bad Boy held a vice grip in:

— Faith Evans – Faith (platinum)
— Total – Total (platinum)
— 112 – 112 (platinum)
— Faith Evans – Keep The Faith (platinum)
— Carl Thomas – Emotional (platinum)
— Dream – It Was All A Dream (platinum)
— 112 – Part III (platinum)
— Faith Evans – Faithfully (platinum)

Puff is a lot of things. A dummy damn sure isn’t one of them.

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