Bambu Feat. Krondon – “Menacing Looks” Video

01.31.11 7 years ago 3 Comments

In addition to constantly penning highly-charged declarations that move the mind, body and soul, Bambu also churns out great videos. Gearing up for a revolution and to re-release his 2009 opus …exact change… to a remastered and boosted treasury, the special, limited edition project will feature a eight-track bonus disc like a Stereo 8 and to set it off, Bam and Strong Arm Steady’s Krondon are staring you down, making you uncomfortable right where you stand.

So-called priorities in the American way of life have become so trivial to most. Mr. DePistola isn’t just tracing the picture to summarize the plot and call it day. He’s mapping out a blueprint with plenty of necessary additions to improve the system…or overthrow it altogether.

This spring, count your pennies wisely. Bambu is coming through with …exact change… (again).

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