Battle of the Hobo Coaches: Monday Night Football Open Thread

11.21.11 6 years ago 425 Comments

Tonight the broken-down Camaro that is the Kansas City Chiefs roars into Gillette Stadium, where Todd Haley will no doubt burn out the engine and suffer a flat tire while attempting donuts at midfield.

I’m not quite sure what that metaphor means, except that Haley’s an asshole and I don’t like the Chiefs’ chances tonight. The Chiefs have been up-and-down all year, opening the season with three losses before stringing together a four-game winning streak against mediocre-to-lousy teams that gave rise to Hobo Haley (which is similar to Hobo Belichick, except frattier and not as good at coaching). Then came a blowout at home to then-winless Miami and another loss to St. Tebow, and I’d be very much surprised if that particular freefall ends tonight.

But hey, who knows. Maybe this game will give us some compelling reason to watch other than Tom Brady’s good looks and cheering for fantasy stats (Go Deion Branch! Score touchdowns on end-arounds and halfback passes!). We can always hope the Chiefs give New England a game. After all, I understand that Haley issued a defiant challenge to the Patriots…

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