Bernie Kosar Incoherent On Local Cleveland Sports Radio, “I love those franks and beans.” UPDATED

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In a rambling, nearly five minute radio spot on local Cleveland ESPN 850 WKNR, former Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar went on the air disoriented and judging by his speech, possibly intoxicated.

At first the hosts of The Hooligans radio broadcast don’t realize anything is wrong with Kosar, he just seems to be a man confused about the show Duck Dynasty, a reality program he was not familiar with. Then about a minute in, Kosar blurts out, “I love those franks and beans” and his weekly segment goes completely off the rails.

One of the Hooligans (my apologies for not being able to tell the Hooligans apart as I don’t listen Cleveland sports radio very often) asks about Kosar’s appearance on the new Travel Channel show NFL Road Tested which this week featured him taking part in halftime salute to veterans and Kosar becomes so emotional, he unable to complete sentences. He continues on saying the next one is even more upsetting and says something unintelligible about what all the mothers go through and how he’s spent the last of his money helping a five-year-old child who has had twenty-one surgeries. After the Hooligans try to get back on track, Kosar makes a completely illogical statement about one of the hosts being hurt so he wouldn’t be on the air anymore, which he later says is a joke on the hosts, but he’s the only one laughing.

Realizing they’ve lost control of Kosar around the three-minute mark, one of the Hooligans gives up and suggests they catch up with him next week. Bernie, however, is not getting off the air that easily and says he’s staying on to finish the show. They manage to wrangle Kosar into talking about the Browns’ upcoming game against the Chiefs and for the next minute or so Kosar taps into his reserve of football knowledge and aside of a small outburst of emotion over the tragedy in Kansas City, makes a fair amount of sense, offering a bit of insight into the Chiefs team and predicting a Browns victory.

A 2009 profile of Kosar by Dan Le Batard of The Miami Herald painted a sad portrait of a former pro whose life was in tatters; bankruptcy, failed business ventures, costly divorce, a generous heart that kept giving away money to friends and family who asked. In the ESPN documentary 30 for 30:Broke which aired earlier this year, Kosar’s father’s mismanagement of his son’s investments in real estate was cited as one of the reasons Kosar had lost his way. Tabloid stories of Kosar getting into a car accident with a cop while making an illegal u-turn in 2010 and being pulled over for reckless driving earlier this year when paired with his scattered Twitter feed makes one wonder if not much has changed for him since the Le Batard interview.

Kosar over the years has stayed involved with the Browns and is very knowledgeable about the current state of football and his former team, although it has yet to be seen how much access he is going to have with the new ownership taking over. My guess is with his appearance on NFL Road Tested, which is produced by Jimmy Haslam’s wife Dee’s RIVR Media, he still might have a place around the Browns organization. After this latest incident, we’ll see how long that lasts and if the Haslams are ready to assist a former player who seems to be in need of help.

UPDATE: KSK commenter StangBang provided some clarification to the “franks and beans” statement.  “In terms of the “franks and beans” reference, that wasn’t some nonsensical rambling. One of the co-hosts, Greg Brinda, has the Twitter handle @SirFranksnBacon, so he simply butchered a playful address to Greg.” Thanks for the tip. I listened to the clip a couple of dozen times and would have never understood that is what Kosar was saying.

H/T Cleveland Frowns for the Twitter alert to the audio and post.

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