Best Week/Worst Week: The 49ers and Their Quarterback and Vernon Davis’ Brand

06.06.14 3 years ago 23 Comments

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Now we know why Dwight Howard follows him on Instagram.

Colin Kaepernick’s eye-opening deal made everyone happy this week. Kaep secured enough money to buy a new second set of skin and cover it with the most elaborate tattoos the quarterback position has ever seen. Meanwhile, the 49ers got the flexibility and control they were after, and everybody got to laugh at the Ravens for their latest bit of situational blindness.

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Vernon Davis’ contract situation is less fun. The tight end, who has a couple of years left on his last big contract, wants wide receiver money. So Davis has decided to sit out some off-season activities in order to protect his brand. Because Vernon Davis has shareholders to answer to. It’s all of the stuff hacky columns are made of.

But don’t worry too much. Vernon reversed course on his apparent plan to miss future off-season activities when his agent pointed out the word “mandatory” precedes the word “minicamp.” But here’s a question for Darren Rovell: If Vernon Davis gets fined $200,000 for missing minicamp, how does it impact his stock price? Kidding! Nobody cares. Seriously, Darren, put down the phone.

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