Best Week/Worst Week: Veteran Quarterbacks and Teddy Bridgewater

03.21.14 4 years ago 41 Comments

No matter how terrible you may be, if you have ever shown a glimmer of talent as an NFL quarterback, you’re guaranteed to earn millions of dollars until you reach your mid-30s. Such is the situation for co-winners of Best Week, Matt Schaub, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and any other terrible veteran who is garnering interest from actual NFL teams. Rex Grossman, probably? You know Kyle Shanahan is dying to bring him along to Cleveland.

But for now, Fitzgerald and Schaub take the spoils. The former got $7.5 million from the Texans to replace the latter, who will reportedly draw heavy interest from the Raiders (because of course) when he is inevitably released from his bloated $66 million contract.

Worst Week goes to Teddy Bridgewater, who managed to hurt his draft stock at his own pro day. Lots of quarterbacks hold off on throwing at the combine because of injuries, an unfamiliarity with the receivers, or totally normal performance anxiety. Normally those same quarterbacks throw extremely well in the controlled environment of their college’s pro day. Teddy Bridgewater did not do that. The quarterback who is most loved for his accuracy and performance under pressure totally shit the bed, by most accounts. He missed receivers and was generally unimpressive.

Now Bridgewater goes from being a consensus top five pick, to a guy who could easily slide deep into the first round. Normally that could be a good thing. Sure, you lose some money and prestige, but you also avoid playing for the Browns. BUT WAIT. The Browns just happen to have a pick towards the back end of the first round. Double dagger.

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