The iPod Shuffle – Big K.R.I.T.’s “Red Eye”

03.23.13 5 years ago 8 Comments

We give K.R.I.T. his due praise, in most cases, for his home-cooked production draped around lyrics that can go from strip club to spiritual from one track to the next. But a few weeks ago, I somehow zoned out to the relationship-centered lyrics of “Red Eye” and realized just how skilled and honest K.R.I.T. is. When a song draws you in, it’s usually because it’s either mind-numbing like drugs or it gives you that, Man, he’s so talkin’ about my life right now. “Red Eye” is neither of those for me, at least I don’t think so.

I’m almost five-years happily hitched but I could still understand the headaches described as familiar situations I was probably part of before I settled down. The song’s “you” is that one person you love so much but you realize you’re hurting her (or him) the most with your ways. But should she leave, the foundation from which your strength and confidence are built would be too shaken. So, you don’t want her to leave or “fly,” as the rapper repeats throughout the song.

A friend once broke down for me what makes a strong mate. To paraphrase, he or she should be that person who accepts who you are but always pushes you to be the most you can be. Somewhere in the poetic lines of “Red Eye,” those two people are pushing and pulling at each other for all the right reasons. Now that I listen again and think about it, maybe K.R.I.T. is speaking to me, too. He speaking to anyone who’s a “we” in a relationship.

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