Blake Griffin Is A Weapon Of Mass Destruction

12.02.10 7 years ago 30 Comments

I’m already running out of words to describe Blake Griffin and here we are two days into December. Disrespectful? Very much so and we’re all praying that demeanor stays the course. Freakishly athletic? You can say that. Top three Clipper ever, already? This is proof that even Donald Sterling gets things right sometimes.

So far this season, the San Antonio Spurs have been the cream of the crop in the NBA. They still are, but Popovich’s boys ran into a speed bump last night in the Los Angeles Clippers and a full fledged weapon of mass destruction in BG32. Thirty-one points and 13 rebounds is turning out to be a regular day at the office for the former Sooner, but how many feelings he damages in the process is always fun to keep track of.

Credit it to youth overtaking experience for a night and what would a dunk against the Spurs be if one wasn’t over future Hall of Famer “TIMMMAYY” Duncan. Like SB Nation put it, Griffin has my vote for the All Star Game, Rookie Challenge, NHL All Star Game and Pro Bowl. And just judging by the way the guy looks on the court, I’m not totally ashamed to say he can go at least one round in the UFC.

Sidenote – The best dunk of the night was one that didn’t even happen. Tiago Splitter almost got Timofey Mozgov’d.

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