Breaking News: People In San Francisco Smoke Weed

10.28.10 7 years ago 17 Comments

There’s an obscure event going on in Texas and San Francisco called the World Series. You may have heard of it. It was a big deal when baseball was relevant. And an even bigger deal when everybody playing the relevant sport was juiced out of their minds. Now, San Francisco, a city not wholly unfamiliar with illegal chemicals is hosting the first few games and the biggest news to come out of the city is the fact that people sometimes smoke a little grass to pass the time.

This crack reporter out of Dallas, was so astounded by this finding that he undoubtedly did some field experimenting. That’d be the only explanation for this weed-filled rant.

I mean, really, the guy couldn’t stop talking about how much weed they smoked. The banter between him and the studio is absolutely hilarious.

But don’t you also half expect him to yell out, “there’s a buncha f*ggots out here, too!”

In case you didn’t get the point that Cali loves the cheeba, just check the fact that the ReLeaf Herbal Center in San Fran is offering a free joint for everyone in attendance when the Giants hit a homer in the World Series.

Good thing nobody watches, or they’d be in huge debt.

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