Chamillionaire – “The Ill Mind Of Koopa” x “Show Love” Video

12.13.12 5 years ago 8 Comments

“I’m not being emotional, I’m just not being sociable, even though that’s what my publicist Nancy say I’m supposed to do”

Two quick points about Chamillionaire’s “Ill Mind Of Koopa.” First, it’s nice to see veterans paying homage to new jacks’ songs for once, instead of the opposite. Secondly, it’s now obvious why we haven’t seen the Chamilitary Man much lately. Between throwing poisonous darts at just about everyone with applicable shoe sizes and straight up saying he doesn’t even want to be associated with the word “rapper,” this Grammy-winning pen poet lets it be known he feels the majority of MCs currently rocking a mic aren’t worth a damn in grand fashion over here.

Since we tend to agree, we encourage you to check out his tack on Hopsin’s cut below, as well as his new video for “Show Love.” However, picketing outside studios and/or label offices is completely up to you.

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