Chiefs-Steelers Live Blog, First Half

11.12.12 5 years ago 704 Comments

Back in those heady days before the season actually started, a Chiefs-Steelers game actually seemed like a halfway intriguing match-up. Many, myself included, expected Kansas City to compete for the AFC West title. Instead, they have yet to hold a lead at any point during regulation time this season and might be one of the worst teams in recent history. Oop dee.

The Steelers hadn’t looked a whole lot better up until three weeks ago, when Pittsburgh made the decision to pull its head out of its ass after losing on the road to Tennessee. Since then, the Steelers have revived their moribund running game with a slew of back-up running backs plus this neat thing called blocking. Pittsburgh’s secondary was laughably awful the first month of the season, but actually played well last week in New York. Then again, as we saw yesterday in Cincinnati, a lot of that probably has to do with the Giants descending into temporary shittiness.

What little national press this game has received has revolved around Todd Haley looking forward to getting revenge against the team that he poorly coached for a few seasons up until last year. What that means for tonight is that Boss Todd will be extra eager to show off his play-calling genius, abandoning his usual dinking and dunking for a host of trick plays, each derpier than the last. That might not hurt the Steelers too much, since Romeo Crennel said he’ll bench any of his players who commit inexcusable turnovers. Who knows? It could 11-on-5 when the Chiefs have the ball in the second half.

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