Chris and Christy, Lookin’ Good

04.24.08 9 years ago 10 Comments

Chris Cooley is saving so much time using Big Daddy Drew’s personal shopping service that he had time to attend the pre-party for the Redskins’ Super Bowl XXII Reunion with his fucktastic (it’s a compliment!) fiancé Christy.

Poster KB24 over at Redskins Warpath has all sorts of great pictures of the pre-party and a friend of Mister Irrelevant came through with some pictures of the actual event. Want to see how your favorite players have aged? Here’s a hint…

In other news that you’ve probably heard by now, Captain Chaos has taken his newfound blog skills over to Shutdown Corner at Yahoo(!) Sports Blogs. Cooley joins Rod Benson in Yahoo!’s stable of fucking hilarious athlete-bloggers.

via Mister Irrelevant

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