Collect them all and put on a creepy puppet show

10.04.11 6 years ago 53 Comments

The Tom Brady puppet isn’t terribly roomy, so Bill and Gisele have agreed to take turns.

Bleacher Creatures aren’t just a group of obnoxious anti-Tommy’s, they’re also a company that produces oddly emotive plush dolls like the one above and the ones after the jump.

They call this one “BEN 23.” They’d call him “BEN 600” if they knew the truth.

Drew Brees isn’t mad you made him look like he has Down Syndrome. In fact, he’s going to donate $5 for every doll sold to his favorite special education charity.

He looks promising enough, but feed him after midnight and he turns in to a petulant turnover machine.

While it may not look much like Troy Polamalu, it is hauntingly familiar. I imagine that it’s inspired equally by Easter Island Kid, Joseph Gribble, Dora the Explorer, and the Golem.

This must be the “upbeat pre-game Romo.” Or possibly “golf course Romo.” I’ve been searching the site for the classic “distraught post-game Romo” to no avail. They must be saving that one so one for Christmas shopping season.

I feel like he’s biting his lower lip and sizing me up. Sexually.

If you find this one sitting on your teenage daughter’s bed it’s already too late.

The telltale Manning face is the kung fu grip of plush dolls. Total game changer. Warning: Keep away from fetuses and newborns. Their stem cells sustain him.

h/t to Larry Brown Sports

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