There’s Still Hope For Cory Gunz

05.12.10 7 years ago 15 Comments

As President of the TSS Cory Gunz Fan Club (Population: one), I have to say that this is a good day. It’s been confirmed that Cory is now a member of Young Money. Of course, this doesn’t automatically spell success, but I’m more inclined to hope believe that he’s going to be more Drake and Nicki Minaj than Jae Millz. He is, after all, the same guy that obliterated the “A Millie” beat. His rapid-fire flow is perfect for the Southern demographic that YM already has in a vice grip. It’s time to dust off the old “Team Cory” memorabilia and renew hope for one of the most talented rappers I’ve had the pleasure of listening to.

Then, in the wake of his major announcement, Peter Gunz’s pride and joy unleashed a new track called “Struggle.” While this song is a welcome display of revealing lyrics, emotional delivery and flawless flow, I have to again ask Cory to connect the dots. I feel like there’s a paragraph missing in the essay that makes up his life. If Shaq is his godfather and his dad recorded a mega-hit in the late 90’s, then why did Cory have to put water in his Cheerios for breakfast? I just don’t understand where the street tales come from.

Cory, please. Either make a song explaining this or come over to a TSS Cory Gunz Fan Club meeting and explain to us. I’ll be there to field questions.

Until then, I’ll be eagerly anticipating your Young Money debut and watch your stock finally rise.

Cory Gunz – “Struggle” | Download

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