Crew Love: The August Edition

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With another month in the books, we open our playlists to share the songs that provided the fuel for August. The last month of summer was very active for big, new releases and they were enough to keep everyone – the Crew and everyone who comes through – chattering. But we dug around to find a few under the radar mp3s and older tracks to keep us going.
Elzhi Feat. Royce da 5’9 & Stokley Williams – “Life’s A Bitch” — Give El a round of applause. The man not only remade a Hip-Hop classic, but also managed to put his own unique D-Town spin into the project. The live instrumentation coupled with a Royce guest spot makes this beautifully arranged version pop and burst with an optimism that deceives the song’s pessimistic title. — Ryan J.

Elzhi Feat. Royce da 5’9 & Stokley Williams – “Life’s A Bitch”
Dilated Peoples Feat. Defari – “Olde English” — Go on, try to not get hyped through the gritty, reverberating piano chord laid by producer Sid Roams. One of many highlights off of 2006’s 20/20 sees the left coast crew go hard in a way sure to leave the hairs on the back of your neck running for their lives. — AJ

Dilated Peoples Feat. Defari – “Olde English”
Nas – “Good Morning” — This is one of those tracks that helps you remember what makes Nas, Nas. The man takes the listener through Queensbridge in the first hours of the morning, bringing each detail to life in the easy rhythm of a conversation. And beautifully, the instrumental is a gem, built around a pure, simple Isley Brothers loop. — Ben Lampin

Nas – “Good Morning”
Danny Brown – “Party All The Time”XXX’s party-hard theme took a more serious turn by the time “DNA” and “Nosebleeds” hit your ears. The ensuing “Party All The Time” offers a more developed picture about the ills of living a care-free, coked out lifestyle. — S. Cadet

Danny Brown – “Party All The Time”
Thurz Feat. Strong Arm Steady – “Colors” — Right on to the real and death to the fake and Thurz does an admirable job of pointing out the snakes. Plus, Them keys is mean man © Jay-Z. — John Gotty™

Thurz Feat. Strong Arm Steady – “Colors”
DMX – “Intro” — The first track on It’s Dark and Hell is Hot contains one of the illest buildups to an album’s opening track in Hip-Hop’s history. Beginning with the menacing expression of, ahem, Crew Love, the track is restrained fury until the drums hit and the intensity turns to violence like the first killing in a horror movie. On a related note, I turned the opening timpani hit, followed by X’s iconic “Uh Oh,” into my ringtone and now I’m afraid to answer the phone. — Trackstar The DJ

DMX – “Intro”
Puff Daddy & Carl Thomas – “If I Should Die Tonight (Interlude)” — Before Carl was a platinum recording artist, he was simply Bad Boy’s male Kelly Price. But this song was a terrific display of his vocal prowess as he sings ruminations of Marvin. Back when, you had no idea what he and Puff were talking about; You just know it sounded good. — Darius Sinclair™

Puff Daddy & Carl Thomas – “If I Should Die Tonight (Interlude)”
Mobb Deep Feat. Nas – “Dog Shit” — My Rock the Bells prep song, it takes you back to the Golden Age when QB was unified and putting out classic and after classic. A recharged Prodigy came out the clink, deaded any issues with Nas, reunited with Havoc and churned out this gem. — Raj

Mobb Deep Feat. Nas – “Dog Shit”
Meek Mill Feat. Young Chris – “House Party” — Meek Milly and the Young Gunna share dynamic chemistry on this Tone Beats produced scorcher. No high top fades and colorful rayon shirts though. Just rapper-endorsed vodka and eager ladies. Try not to bump the turntables on your way to the dance floor. — Greg Whitt

Meek Mill Feat. Young Chris – “House Party”
Ghostface Killah feat. Jadakiss – “Run” — Pretty Toney’s police fleeing anthem has remained as ignorantly authentic as it did when we first heard it nearly a decade ago. Yet, for as effective as Ghost was here, it was Montega Jada who stole the show delivering one of the sharper and more vivid verses of his entire career. — Justin Tinsley

Ghostface Killah feat. Jadakiss – “Run”
Flex Pavillion – “I Can’t Stop” — Say what you want about the way Jay and ‘Ye spit over the beat on the album, but the OG sample put together by Flex Pavilion sounds better without the Throne adding their two cents to the mix. Sure, this isn’t something to jam to while studying for a test, but it’s high-octane fun. Now excuse me while I go rock out to my Sleigh Bells album. — David D.

Flex Pavilion – “I Can’t Stop”
8Ball & MJG – “Let’s Ride” — The knowledge these professional pimps served up in their heyday was probably worth a couple thousand kilos and a ‘71 Fleetwood straight off the showroom floor. This track was the equivalent of the Memphis legends pulling a stool out of thin air and sitting you down for a little how-to on the in’s and out’s of real life. — TC

8Ball & MJG – “Let’s Ride”

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