DeShawn Stevenson Shows LeBron How To Celebrate With Class & Fellatio Jokes

06.13.11 6 years ago 28 Comments

Photo: HoopsDoctor

You’ve got to hand it to DeShawn Stevenson. Somehow, someway, the man topped all of the ridiculous events – the Governer of Ohio’s gift of official “Ohioan” status for the Mavs, Birdman and Wayne partying with the team, Dan Gilbert’s self-righteous tweeting, LeBron’s postgame press conference, Chris Bosh’s good cry, et. al – that have taken place after the Mavericks hoisted the Larry O’Brien Trophy. Not just with the t-shirt seen above, although that’s pretty damn good on its own. But because he won. He won over everyone.

Last night, DeShawn Stevenson managed to claim victory in his battles with the Miami Heat, LeBron James, and even the near-undefeatable Jay-Z (warning, that’s a link to “Blow The Whistle”). Hell, he even knocked folks who think Abraham Lincoln neck-tattoos are a bad investment off their perch. Few men, in history, have ever managed to win that many absurd, impossible fights in a single night. And with those personal victories in his back pocket, he earned the privilege, the unassailable right, to wear that t-shirt. No one can tell DeShawn Stevenson that he didn’t earn his Shaq-inspired celebratory blue tee.

That, my friends, is one hell of a feat.

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