While You Slept, DMX Got Arrested Again In South Carolina

08.21.13 4 years ago 20 Comments

dmx mugshot 2013

And to think, DMX almost made it all of August without showing up on The Police Blotter. But, alas, he couldn’t make it and found himself in the back of a cop car in South Carolina, again.

Per TMZ, DMX was the passenger in a Ford pickup that (allegedly) made an illegal turn of some sort late Monday evening. They got pulled over and weed was (allegedly) found near the seats of both DMX and the vehicles driver. The coppers also (allegedly) said they recognized Dark Man Earl and knew the rapper had a warrant out for his arrest.

All of this is alleged because X says he was setup, which you can hear him shouting about (“This ain’t no normal traffic stop. 18 cops, 5 cars, get the f**k outta here man.”) in the video below. Paramedics – or, as the female voice in the clip says, “purruhmedics” – were reportedly called to the scene because X supposedly had an asthma attack, which I’ll allege probably was a result of all his yelling.

Per a statement released by his publicist, X and his passengers – his two assistants Shawn Durham and Shawn Rhodes – were never shown the weed the fuzz alleged was found in the vehicle.

“DMX was driving in the passenger seat when the vehicle he was in was pulled over last night. Although officers pulled them over for a minor traffic violation, DMX was asked to step outside so they can search the vehicle. Officers then claimed that they found bags of marijuana in the floorboard and arrested X. No drugs were found on DMX or the other passengers and the alleged bags of marijuana were never shown to DMX or the other passengers. DMX was released this morning at approximately 11am EST and is back at his home in South Carolina.”

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