“So Get Backstage, I’m Here To Take The Stage Back”

10.11.09 8 years ago 5 Comments

Donny Goines Live @ A3C from The Smoking Section on Vimeo.

Donny Goines refuses to fail.

Success in Hip-Hop has become increasingly elusive. Whether one aims to attain critical acclaim, 15 minutes of fame or commercial success, it’s no longer as straightforward as it may have once been. Out-rapping other MC’s in your bracket does not guarantee one a place on the stage and so skill is often taken for granted and unfairly overlooked. Even being on a major label these days seems to no longer be a guaranteeing factor.

One thing that does seem to be a common trait in artists that succeed these days is tenacity and work ethic. You have to be on your A-game consistently and persistently.

Enter Donny.

This man is everywhere, all the time, always working, always performing, always giving it his all. And always hungry for more.

Backstage before his A3C set, he was calm, collected and joking around with Van and the rest of the huddle. Once he got on stage, he exploded out of his shell and grew about two feet taller. Thursday’s was a tough crowd and he somehow got them engaged early. Jumping into the crowd and dapping up all his supporters while still spewing some venom. Then, he climbed back on stage and realized he had won their attention. He slipped into an acapella that had everybody in the room either bopping or cheering before he closed his set.

When he walked on, I heard some girl whisper “Who still wears a doo-rag in 2009?” and then proceed to click her tongue and giggle. But by the time he walked off stage, hands were in the air, the building was packed and the night’s tempo had changed.

As I was headed backstage, this one cat ran up on me from across the room and asked “Who was that?”

Donny Goines. Remember the name or he’ll think he’s not working hard enough.

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