Relive The Highs, Lows and GTFO-Worthy Moments of E3 2013

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Spectacle, hope for the future and neckbeards come with the territory during E3 and a slew of games across all current and next-gen systems. E3 2013 stands among a rare bread, though. Two new consoles met onlookers with proper introductions and finally kick off next-gen gaming. Saying “it’s about damn time” considering how the current generation kicked off in 2005. Oh, and there were games, hopes and dreams either fulfilled or dashed depending on your expectations.

The internets are still on fire from a week’s worth of debuts for tomorrow’s bargain bin fillers and abandonware. Speaking of, there really needs to be a Bingo board for E3 reveals stuck in limbo. Ah, I’m digressing. Let’s jump right into this year’s E3 recap.

Source: Gamespot

The PS4 Has Arrived

SCEA CEO Jack Tretton led their charge towards next-gen with the PS4 and its formidable showcase. Killzone: Shadow Fall and Infamous: Second Son presented themselves in much better light. Sony’s biggest announcement overshadowed all the games that graced their stage.

The PS4 will drop this fall for $400 and, unlike the Xbox One, won’t impose online connectivity requirements or console-wide used game restrictions. The good news comes with the catch of tying Playstation Plus, a subscription service, with online multiplayer. Then again Plus’ reputation for offering discounts and downloadable games at no extra charge softens the sting.

Sony’s next system already looks like a quality value feature-wise but the proof always lies in the library. Strong indie support and forthcoming PS4-only games like Final Fantasy 14 Versus show support for the future. More top-shelf, Day 1 exclusives would’ve went a long way in making Sony’s latest console an even better deal.

Also, there’s something weird about the huge fanfare over used game support and no 24 hour online requirements. That’s gaming in 2013 for you.


Nintendo Keeps Being Nintendo, Gamers Love Them Anyway

Why does Nintendo rely on nostalgia and their predictable first-party IP song and dance? The brand could really use a fresh wave of new franchises for once. I mean, aren’t people tired of games like Super Smash

AYO MEGAMAN IS IN THE NEW ONE?!?! THAT’S A DAY ONE PURCHASE. I’M DROPPING LEAF SHIELDS ALL DAY ON YOU CRABS! They’re bringing back Donkey Kong and Super Mario 3D Land might have online co-op, fingers crossed. Bayonetta 2, sequel to one of the most celebrated action games this gen, drops as a Wii U exclusive.

Nintendo is tugging on childhood heart strings something fierce. Nevertheless, Wii U and 3DS owners ought to have plenty to play heading into 2014. The point about them needing to diversify still stands but MEGAMAN IS IN SUPER SMASH BROS.

Next-Gen Games Play Like Q-Tip’s “Breathe and Stop”

Take a deep breath before you say anything, PLEASE. We’re well aware these games are still in development so crashes, glitches and bugs are expected. It’s still hilarious to see company reps sweat bricks as their games screw up in front of the whole world.

EA Sports’ Pre-Alpha Footage Raises Eyebrows, Doubts

Some of EA’s next-gen sports games look too good to be true: namely FIFA and UFC. We’ve seen this song and dance before in Madden 06’s concept video and got burned. Who’s to say it won’t happen again?

Also, graphics in sports games lose their shine if the gameplay doesn’t stack up. Here’s looking at you, NBA Live.

PC Gamers Ain’t Trippin’

The PC platform didn’t have to lift a finger in relation to the big three. Most of the shows most promising games were third party properties intended to launch on PC. Watch Dogs, Titanfall and Battlefield 4 (seen above, running on a PC) will find good homes on towers with the right specs. The PC Master Race will miss out on a few exclusives with Destiny, at least for now, being one of the biggest snubs. Either way the big three lacked killer apps liable to make PC gamers leave their rigs.

Microsoft Loves The Internet, Also Hates The Internet

Well, you knew we’d have to talk about MS’s Xbox One reveal. Some of the exclusive games they showed like Ryse, Dead Rising 3 and Forza 5 are shaping up nicely. However their showing wasn’t enough for media and ardent gamers to forget the system’s always online requirement, restricting used games to certain retailers and $500 launch price tag.

Microsoft is well aware of the backlash but they show no signs of flinching. More importantly, how do these features and Kinect make all of our games better for everyone? For instance, Forza 5’s cloud racing sounds nice. Conversely, psuedo-online play doesn’t replace aspects the game still lacks like rallying or weather changes.

It’s way too early and reactionary to say it’ll fail commercially or in providing games people want. Kinect games aimed at the family, solid third party support and inevitable Halo and Gears of War sequels will move units. However, if all the doom and gloom comes to fruition, MS can blame themselves.

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