Erik L and 7even:Thirty Take You Rhyme Travelin’

07.27.10 7 years ago

We’ve discussed the otherworldly brilliance that is 7even:Thirty already. Now, he’s linked up with Erik L, an equally as left-field producer from Sweden to construct this EP, Rhyme Travelin. The duo plays off of each other like a 2K10 Jordan and Pippen. Erik’s beats create a perfect, spaced-out setting where 7even is happy to meet him in orbit. When they touch back down to earth, they have a unique, lyrically packed and sonically captivating EP.

To give you a little preview, 7even and Erik land their spaceship right in the middle of the club for a funkadelic ode to the ladies. This track is as infectious as it gets and a great display of the boundary-pushing exploits the duo embark on throughout their project.

<a href="">Make Her Dance by Soularp Records</a>

Cop the full EP here.

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