“Free Chilly.”

11.20.08 9 years ago 8 Comments

I know most of you hear us mention artists & tapes. You read but think “Hmm…yeah, I’mma just grab this old Beatnuts & K.I.M.” I know I’ve made it a mini-mission to push certain artists, but only because I fully believe these dudes have material worth listening to. I listen to it myself. I spent the majority of Tuesday listening to Testimony Of Gemstones, leaving this track on repeat several times.

So imagine my glee when FSD linked this joint. Dedicated to Gem & Lupe’s man Chilly, Gem speaks from the heart regarding past transgressions in life & in his lyrics. I’m one of those that if you can give me a solid opening track, I’m hooked. Gem did that early on in our relationship. Him giving straightforward, often repentant rhymes & me listening with an open ear. I’m glad I did.

Perhaps you should give it a try, too.

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