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04.27.10 7 years ago 21 Comments

“Polaroid, pepper and salt talk (Shake!) Strawberry, banana milk mix (Shake!) Finish transactions with a firm hand (Shake!) We pointing pistols patna, watch ya man (Shake!)” — Blu on “Shake”

That ^^ is my favorite shake. Kelis’ favorite shake is the kind that brings all the boys to the yard. Douglas Howser’s favorite shake is the weight he’s purchasing for his little lady and his viewing pleasure. Gotty’s™ favorite shake is of the chocolate variety from Chic-Fil-A.

But of all the favorite shakes in the world, I promise you Game’s new video will not be one of them for anyone but Game and the brigade of hoes he’s brought with him.

Not even Stacy Dash aging in reverse could save this video from its deluge of throwback jerseys, Ferraris, stacks of money, and all other paraphernalia of “the rap life.” Not even MTV could save Game from rhyming nothing but “shake” with “shake,” name-dropping — again — ad nauseum, and being a single-minded-mentality has-been.

I don’t even mind this sample looped up the way it is, but I would much prefer it on someone who could do it justice or infuse some flavor. For instance, someone who’s been a bit same-y and could freshen up a new direction (see: T.I.) or someone who has taken “new direction” a bit too far and needs to pull back to palatable (see: Shyne).

Please, observe MTV and Game battle it out for relevance…

And now, please enjoy my favorite “Shake,” from the heyday of Blu. I’m not saying Game bit the concept, but I’m saying he’s just the sort of fellow who might.

C.R.A.C. Knuckles – “Shake”

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