Woman Gives Man $3,200 To Exorcise Demons Out Of Her Evil Vagina Using His Magical Penis

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08.21.13 36 Comments

What’s a thirsty woman to do when she finds herself in an unrequited love situation with her boss? The answer is C.) Hire a ghostbuster to bust demons out of her vagina.

Chinese woman named A Xin was conned by a man who allegedly told her she had demons in her vagina that was preventing her boss from falling in love with her. Xin hired co-worker and con man Huang Jianjun and paid him $3,279 after hearing he could help her attract her boss.

After meeting in a hotel room and being told to strip naked, Jianjun convinced Xin that not only did she have demonic ghosts living in her vagina, but the only way to catch them was to use his penis. Desperate for her boss’ affection, Xin and Jianjun had sex with Jianjun later explaining that he sacrificed his virginity to exorcise Xin’s vaginal demons.

The next day, after probably still being hit with the curve by her boss, Xin called police and Jianjun was arrested. Jianjun later told authorities that he had long lost the ability to have an erection due to his diabetes.

Jianjun was released 24 hours later and is now awaiting trial.

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