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For those seeking the hammer to be pounded excessively on a high profile celebrity criminal case (looking @ you Lester Munson), you may want to look elsewhere than the sentencing of Gilbert Arenas. Seeing that his hammer wouldn’t have done any damage with an unloaded gun, the Washington Wizards guard avoids being Plaxico’ed with jail time. Instead, Agent Zero will spend a month in a halfway house and aside from some community service, two-year probation and minor fines, be able to put this in the past similar to the previous night’s basketball game.

Arenas apologized in court, saying, “Every day, I wake up wishing it did not happen.” District of Columbia Superior Court Judge Robert E. Morin also sentenced Arenas to 400 hours of community service, which cannot be conducted at basketball clinics, and a $5,000 fine.

After sentencing, Arenas’ lawyer, Ken Wainstein, said he was pleased with the outcome.

“Judge Morin’s decision was fair and measured; it reflected a deep understanding of the relevant facts … Mr. Arenas is grateful to the court and looks forward to serving the community and once again being a force for good in the District of Columbia,” Wainstein said in a statement. [Via]

Of course, the obvious questions and accusations follow suite. Is the sentence a slap on the wrist? Do public figures catch major breaks in common legal drama? (Chris Brown surely comes to mind.) Although it can be speculated no one wants to see generally reputable and well-liked personas such as Arenas ruin their lives over classic cases of stupidity–ones where the light bulb with the Doh! insignia immediately flicks on. But say this was the tale of two factory workers arguing over Thursday night’s poker game. Would the guilty party even had a timecard to punch after the fact?

Even the toughest picketers of the “Go To Jail Gilbert” movement had to see the soft spot of the trial. After all, the prosecution did. Guns + overpaid sports star = the type of case a DA yearns to devour like filet mignon on an anniversary dinner. Yet, the prosecutors only wanted him to serve three months, mostly on the count of lying about circumstances surrounding the firearms. Had that been the actual sentence, it still could have been much worse for the $111 million dollar man.

So what exactly does this mean in the long run of Gilbert’s career? Will he still be a Wizard? Usually there’s the whole “disgraced the city” ordeal that comes along with these type of things. The Wizards shipping Antawn Jamison to Cleveland all but indicates the club wants to operate in a completely different crusade to the 8th place in the Eastern Conference. While there’s still a little patchwork to be done before he gets back off the bench, it’s safe to say Gilbert dodged a bullet because he didn’t have any in the first place.

Arenas Gets Month In Halfway House [ESPN]

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