Gronk Is Sorry About The Fiesta

02.13.13 5 years ago 18 Comments

Rob Gronkowski is having another off-season where he is enjoying himself in his free time and that’s a controversy because sports media is the worst. But don’t worry, scolds, Gronk is totally sorry for all the terrible fun he’s having, according to a “Sorry for Partying” tank top he wore at Universal Studios a few days ago. Are we sure that tank top is sincere? It’s full of bright colors that stimulate the mind. Couldn’t Gronk ware a gray, drab uniform that would discourage fun until September? That’s it. Willie, remove the colored chalk from the classrooms.

One anonymous black player told Mike Freeman that if Gronk were black, his antics wouldn’t be excused so easily by the media and fans. There might be some truth to that – though it’s not like Gronk doesn’t get grief from the media. Either way, it doesn’t make the shaming of a player spending the first month of the off-season having fun any less stupid. It’s not like Gronk is getting arrested or, in the case of Vince Young, taking out a $300,000 loan for his birthday party.

So far this off-season, the worst Gronk has done is make out with a girl in a bar, attend a concert in Vegas and go to Universal Studios. That’s not even outrageous behavior for a 14-year-old, let alone a guy in his 20s.

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