Happy Daydrinking Thursday!

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Only eat a basketball if it’s the terms of a bet

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The first two days of March Madness is one of those rare occasions on the calendar when a sport that isn’t football raises to the occasion and not only occupies our collective attention but gives us a reason to slough off work for the purposes of daydrinking. One might argue that baseball has early afternoon games frequently during its season. The problem with that argument is twofold: unlike March Madness, one random regular season baseball game doesn’t enjoy universal cultural acceptance as a fun diversion – you’re just one lazy dude blowing off work. The other problem, of course, is that the sport is baseball.

So cheers to these, the two best days of March Madness, when you really have to bother doing anything until noon. The only other time sports will come through for us in the middle of a work week like this before the start of the next NFL season is the World Cup in June. And then you’ll have to deal with sanctimonious soccer fans.

My method of filling out a bracket is a mixture of dumb hunches and working through my contempt for people who attended specific universities by picking against their team. That’s right, I subscribe to the spite method of bracketology. It’s bad for winning money but good for the soul. Really, it doesn’t matter. I’m mostly just happy for the distraction.

We’ll still be around in case any major NFL news happens to break. Judging by the headlines over the last 24 hours (old-ass Charles Woodson stays with the Raiders for one more year!; Jason Campbell to the Bengals!; Steve Smith has a “senior” on his Ravens jersey!), that isn’t too likely to happen.

In the meantime, we’ll have a slightly early mailbag running about the time the games start until you need to chase all that beer and basketball with other people’s problems.

FYI: We have a bracket pool set up if you wish to join. Pass: broadwayjoe4lyfe

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