He’s the man behind the mask / And he’s out of control / He’s back / The man behind the mask / And he crawled out of his hole

02.12.08 10 years ago 33 Comments

In case the last month wasn’t enough of an indication, Dan Snyder is back in the saddle. Sure, he deferred to Gibbs for a couple of years, but now that his hero has departed it’s Danny time…

Numerous league sources, including some with direct knowledge of conversations between Snyder, Cerrato and recent head coaching candidates, have affirmed that the Redskins have interest in trading for Cincinnati wide receiver Chad Johnson, with two league sources saying Johnson is eager to land a hefty new contract from Washington.


Acquiring an elite receiver is Snyder’s top priority, league sources said. The Bengals have said they have no intention of trading Johnson, but his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, is working quietly to broker a deal, the sources said.

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