Hopsin Feat. SwizZz – “How You Like Me Now” Music Video

02.25.11 7 years ago 8 Comments

Hopsin is his own double-edged sword. From a technical standpoint, this LA MC’s talent rivals any promising up & comer being hyped right now. Plus, an all-in effort is evident in every aspect of his music (he directs all his own videos). However, despite the dopeness, this jaded and evil driver of his gift seems forced and appears to be casting a shadow over his potential.

The talent is there, but the twisted gimmick is being done in a major way already and playing catch up at this point would be tough. But, based on this off-putting-but-well-done video for “How You Like Me Now” – the lead single from Hop’s Raw release back in November – it’s obvious the one-time outsider channels his talents through this character and might not be as keen without the mask. Actually, he spells it out because that’s the video’s concept.

“Whatever works” might apply in this situation, but ‘what works better’ might be a better option, because I don’t see this panning out and it would be a shame to see these skills held back by an image.

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