100 Word Review: Hopsin’s ‘Knock Madness’

12.05.13 4 years ago

hopsin knock madness

Fairly or not, Hopsin has been pigeonholed in some corners as a kind of YouTube warrior, the type that champions “real Hip-Hop,” and such. On his third studio album, Hopsin scales back on the illusions of being a Hip-Hop “savior,” but Knock Madness still manages to be an unrelentingly cynical experience – with Hopsin frequently bemoaning rap, women, and uh…texting (he sums it up as such: “I’ve come to the conclusion that life sucks”).

Hopsin has the balled-up energy of a young Eminem, but none of the songwriting chops, managing to shade in a few different colors only through his production.

Standout Songs: “Nollie Tre Flip,” “Still Got Love for You”

Songs to Skip: “Gimme That Money,” “Good Guys Get Left Behind,” “What’s My Purpose”

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