J. Cole’s ‘Born Sinner’ May End Up Being The #1 Album In The Country Next Week

Life Writer
07.05.13 39 Comments

Will J. Cole still not care about numbers if Born Sinner climbs to #1 on the charts? Because that’s exactly where Born Sinner is heading based on projections.

After debuting and remaining at #2 for two weeks, Billboard predicts Cole’s Born Sinner may very well end up taking the top honor as the country’s #1 album next next week. With new releases not posing as a threat, industry insiders say Born Sinner is on a pace to move another 60,000 units. Those sales are enough to grab Cole the top spot and bragging rights as having two #1 albums under his belt.

It’s not everyday a record gets released and doesn’t fall off to obscurity by the third week. Sure Born Sinner gets blasted by rap nerds for being the audio version of watching paint dry in slow motion but Cole’s fans don’t seem to care as they continue to hit the cash registers in support.

And speaking of drop-off, after debuting at #1 last week with 158,000 copies sold, how will Wale’s The Gifted second-week fall in sales be to allow Cole to be crowned king of the charts?

Guess we’ll know next week.

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