The Internet Says This Jay Z Song Is New AND It Comes From An Album Dropping “Soon”

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04.03.14 45 Comments

Jay Z and Blue Ivy Carter

Jay Z’s been having a good time on the Internet the past couple of weeks. He’s kept busy since Blue Ivy and Hov picked up the phone to call Peter Rosenberg and, as he put it, to “talk my ish.” Not only did he drop his best verse in years alongside Jay Electronica on of all things a Soulja Boy beat, he also took the time to add fuel to the fire of an already bubbling rivalry with Drake and even rehashed a decade old beef with Joe Budden by following and unfollowing Joey on Twitter after Joe chimed in on the Drake-Jay feud yesterday.

This probably isn’t a random increase in Internet visibility for Mr. Beyonce, but a strategic one as rumors say Jay is working on a new album, that supposedly will drop very very soon (maybe it’s the rumored secret album that iTunes is giddy about) and coincidentally a snippet of a new song has now surfaced via reddit.

Supposedly an ode to his daughter, and sampling The Dells’ “I Can Sing A Rainbow/Love Is Blue,” “Everything is Blue” does indeed suggest that new music is on the way. In accordance with his #NewRules, maybe Jay is slyly increasing his online visibility while nixing typical promotional forums to ready the public for another secret album. If so, I guess it’s so much for “f*uck hashtags and retweets,” huh?

h/t: reddit

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