Jay-Z Explains The “Holy Grail” Concept In Latest Samsung Commercial

07.08.13 4 years ago 12 Comments

jay-z holy grail samsung commercial

“The trappings of fame.”

That’s what Jay-Z calls the overall energy that drives the Justin Timberlake-assisted cut “Holy Grail” from Magna Carta Holy Grail. “We’re trying to achieve something that they can’t grasp,” Jay explains to the assembled crew of producers now immortalized in this series of Samsung TV commercials. The Marcy rhymer goes on to toss in a few lyrics as examples, citing moments he witnessed growing up, Mike Tyson’s rise and fall, etc.

Whether he’s far-reaching or makes his mark with the explanation, these commercials are perhaps the most open regarding his songs and concepts since his book, Decoded, co-authored by dream hampton. Hopefully, there’s a longer documentary to be shared or additional B-roll that will be unearthed 10 years from now. As time passes, I think we’ll look back on the whole push behind Magna Carta as a landmark moment not only in the marketing and promotion of albums but also in Hov’s progression as an artist.

Watch the 60-second spot below.

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