Jellyfish Given Awesomest Name Ever

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That jellyfish above is doing something none of us have ever been arrested for, honest. Namely indecent exposure: he’s showing you his gonads.

Meet Csiromedusa medeopolis, a newly discovered species of jellyfish who lets it all hang out. Well, up, in this particular case, but he’s still swinging the…er…pairs.  A new family and genus, Csiromedusidae and Csiromedusa, had to be created for this ballsy creature. “Medeopolis” translates to “city of gonads“, and it was dubbed such because its gonads, when you look at them, resemble a city skyline.

We can’t lay claim to that, although we do have a skyscraper, if you know what we mean. In fact, there’s a photo under the cut!

Ain’t it great?  It actually sold for $100,000. That’s the new Gamma Squad offices.  We work out of the penthouse.

Wait, what did you think we were referring to when we were talking about our skyscraper?

[ via National Geographic ]

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