Jets-Titans Live Blog, Second Half

12.17.12 5 years ago 1,585 Comments

Jake Locker showed a brief flickering of competence on one early first quarter drive, but the Jets partially blocked the Initially ruled a touchdown, the Jeff Cumberland catch on third and goal was overturned on replay, forcing the Jets to settle for a field goal.

After piling up all of 10 yards on his first seven carries, Chris Johnson dispelled the CJ2YPC jokes with a breakaway 94-yard touchdown run, which is a feel-good story because he put the names of the Sandy Hook victims on his cleats. It also broke the NFL record for most 80+ yard TD runs in his career.

Even though Nacho had actually moved the ball on the Jets’ first two drives, it was abruptly Tebow Time for the next New York three-and-out, which confused everyone, including the Patron Saint.

Luckily, Nacho came back on the next drive and secured his place as unquestioned leader of men. Just kidding, he got intercepted on his first pass. Even though the Titans are doing what Gruden calls Four And Nine Things, the Jets still face a deficit going into the break.

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