The World According To Julie J: Music And Assorted Musings

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Intro By Gotty™

For some reason, I’ve decided to bestow a column on Julie. No particular reason except that she listens to a ton of music during the week – much like all of us do – and we can’t fit everything in during normal weekday publishing hours. Since the weekends are slower and nobody really wants to do a whole lot of heavy lifting anyway, letting Julie run the trap seemed like a bright idea.

Soon, we’ll come up with a catchy name for it, too.

ZMoney – “Ignorant” Video

Some people might choose to describe Chicago’s ZMoney as “Ignorant,” but he’s far from it. Like many that have come before him, he’s borderline abusive in the Auto-Tune, but weird enough that he’s out on his own and won’t be confused with anyone else. Call this type of music whatever you will, but I’ve always been drawn to it because it’s break from the tedious aspects of life and I don’t have too think too hard to digest it. The song’s for entertainment purposes only.

Contrary to what you might see in this video, he’s far from “Ignorant.” In fact, he’s opened up a restaurant on the Westside in Chicago, and apparently owns a couple buildings, so it’s safe to say that he’s the opposite of ignorant.

migos zaytoven just wait on it

Migos – “Just Wait On It” (Prod. By Zaytoven)

I’d say that if you were wondering whether Migos were going to sign to a major label, then the name of this song would answer your question, sort of. But then I thought about how I like Migos, but I don’t even actively wonder if they’re about to ink a record deal.

What I do know, however, is that Migos and Zaytoven are a winning combination.

casino young thug communication

Casino Ft. Young Thug – “Communication”

Any Casino song that I don’t feel like I’m being yelled at is a win-win, especially if someone like Young Thug is flexing away, effortlessly skating between rapping and singing, thus stealing the show from Future’s brother.

rocko lingo for dummies

Rocko – “PhuckUThot”

Rocko leaves me feeling all confused. Most of the time, I wonder why he raps, still, but that rare 5% of the time, the output’s actually cool. Or maybe I just like the way that he spelled out “PhuckUThot.” Either way, he’s got a new tape out called Lingo For Dummies, which can be found over at LiveMixtapes. The artwork, too, is on point.

Tracy t champagne mmg tm88

I wasn’t hip to Tracy T before he signed to MMG some months ago. On Friday, he showed up in the mix of action for Ross’ “War Ready” and now he’s pushing own product, “Champagne.” The record hardly breaks new ground – and that shouldn’t surprise anyone considering that Officer Ricky hasn’t pushed the box since, oh, ever – but Tracy’s definitely right up my alley with energetic but not obnoxious cuts like this. After all, the way to my heart is through 808 Mafia beats.

tana kevin gates for sale

Tana Ft. Kevin Gates – “For Sale” (Prod. By Zaytoven)

No one knows much about Tana, but whenever I see Gates and hear him rapping about being re-tauded. Either I knew and forgot, or just didn’t know, but Gates is locked up right now. My heart weeps more than an emo Gates thinking I might not see him headlining various shows at SXSW. In the meantime, I will take the loosies like “For Sale” that the Internet provides.

zach farlow the great escape

Zach Farlow – “Wassup” (Prod. By Sonny Digital)

Back in October at A3C in Atlanta, I was hipped to Zach’s flavor of music around the same time that I got an advance listen Metro Boomin’s tape. Yes, Farlow’s another singing dude out of Atlanta. But, even for a relative newbie (he’s had a couple songs out that have appeared here and here),he’s got a distinct, polished style.

“Wassup” is energetic, loud, and fun, and the fact that it’s a Sonny Digital beat helps him, too. In fact, the rest of the beats on The Great Escape are fiery, and with a little more focus on song content besides drugs, hoes, being rich, hoes, and getting money, Zack could go places.

P.S.“Jack Tripper” was my favorite thing this week until I heard Future’s new song “Move That Dope” on repeat…for hours…

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