Learn Everything There Is To Know About Justin Tinsley, Courtesy Of The Rebel Society

04.17.13 4 years ago 43 Comments

When the time comes for man to be the payload in a hearse, Justin Tinsley’s keyboard will be dipped in gold and placed high on the mantle for admirers to remember him. The brother’s way with words and mastery of storytelling have earned him his keep here and with other outlets. Instead of limiting his existence to words mostly about others, the folks at The Rebel Society decided to turn the table and focus on Tins, the man, for their latest The 450 Series interview.

“The Rebel Society Presents The 450 Series and this episode features sports and music writer Justin Tinsley titled Smoke Break. In this piece he speaks on wanting to be Michael Jordan growing up, working for KarenCivil.com and The Smoking Section, what he looks for when artists are sending in music, and much more. If you have checked out some of his work before and would like to know a little bit more about him, you definitely need to check this out. Shot and edited by Shod Harris of The Rebel Society.”

Listen, I know this guy pretty well. The lengthy clip digs so deep into what inspires and influences him that I learned tidbits of which even I was unaware. What I’ve always known is that he’s a talented, well rounded gent with a pure heart, commodities that are all hard to find in people these days.

Salute and RMF!

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