Kevin Gates Tackles Domestic Violence In “Posed To Be In Love” Video

07.10.14 3 years ago 7 Comments

Kevin Gates already said he makes “emotion-based music” and there may be no stronger emotion than love. Except maybe hate. And hate has been known to fuel anger, which leads us to Gates’ gripping visual for By Any Means record “Posed To Be In Love.”

The song’s literally one of the best from the project, capturing the energy behind Gates’ delivery and matching it with intense production that make it easy to get caught up in enjoying. But it’s the storytelling and sobering subject matter of domestic violence that brings you back down to earth once you realize the grim situation he’s speaking on. The description is graphic. It’s harsh. And, by the end of the song, the whole tale’s almost sickening. It feels wrong to be enjoying it so much.

That’s Kevin Gates. And that’s the power of his imagination and his ability to tap into the rawest of emotions and events to turn this into music, By Any Means.

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