Killer Mike Still Has That “Burn”

07.14.10 7 years ago 5 Comments

Yesterday, I caught Maurice Garland tweeting about a new Killer Mike track, comparing it to a few of the charged records that Mike’s created and immediately I was interested. Today, Mo G let loose a little studio footage of the track.

“I caught up with Killer Mike aka Mike Bigga a couple nights ago. He insisted that I fall through the studio (a studio that is FAR AS HELL by the way) to hear this song he made called “Burn.” When I got there he played a few other cuts from the album he’s working on that were all pretty good. He’s staying on the more balanced route that he achieved on Pledge 2.

But he was very excited about this song “Burn.” Yesterday I tweeted how I felt about the song, mainly because of what he’s saying in the last verse. Unfortunately, you’re not going to hear the last verse until the album comes out (gotta have something to look forward to right?). But you do get to hear the first two verses, including the one where he touches on the recent Oscar Grant ruling. Mike said he freestyled it. Seeing as how I’ve seen him do that in the booth before, I believe him.”

Check the video to hear it and then go hit up Mike ( and tell him your thoughts.

Via Maurice

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