Kissing Suzy Kolber Challenges Pete Prisco To Fight In The Squared Circle

12.10.13 4 years ago 51 Comments

Prisco[image via]

After being called out for his love of jean shorts on Twitter, Pete Prisco let all of us know how tough he was by kindly offering to knock somebody’s teeth out with his forearm.  While I’m all for violence, especially when it’s directed against people who are cleverer on Twitter than I am, I’d like to offer some advice to you on the off chance you’re reading this, Pete.

As an ambassador to the NFL, one can presume you have a mind for advertising and promoting your own brand, and so you should be aware that you’re missing an opportunity here.  With all due respect, a Twitter callout is not the best way to market an upcoming fight.  If you really wish to get into some forearm-on-tooth action, this KSK writer would be happy to oblige you, albeit only if you are able to parlay it into the upcoming major card UFC event as a precursor to the Johnson vs. Benavidez fight so that I can be on TV, and also pay for my flight and hotel and maybe some strippers and blow and a decent dinner somewhere.

Think about it – it’d finally be a way for you to assert your dominance over us lowly blogger types, something I’m sure you’ve been wanting to do for years, or at least since you wrote that boneheaded piece on the NFL concussion settlement.  Anyway, we’ll be awaiting your answer.  I can be reached at  If I don’t hear from you by the end of the day, I’ll take it as a sign of cowardice, and assume you have forfeited.

See you in the squared circle.


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