KSK Kommenter Draft: Duo You Would Split Up If You Could

07.22.11 6 years ago 210 Comments

It seems almost fitting that we run the complete opposite of last week’s kommenter draft. Instead of picking two people you’d like to see together, this week you’ll be selecting a couple that you could pull apart without repercussions. Because couples are fucking annoying, bros are bothersome, and pairs are better left pared…with a paring knife, that is.

Sometimes couples or duos or business partners split up naturally, like Stevie and Tiger up there, but who has time to wait for that? I HATE THESE PEOPLE NOW. Their joining forces is detrimental to my happiness. WHY CAN’T YOU BE LONELY AND MISERABLE LIKE THE REST OF US?!

Select one pair of humans–living, dead, fictional–that you would care to separate for all eternity. Explain why if you need to. Any person can be re-selected, provided he or she is part of another pair. Wait ten picks, and then pick another duo. These people need to be stopped.

I’m taking Batman and Robin for my first pick. Nobody cares about Robin, except for the clearly-gay Robin from the TV show. Meh, you can’t make an omelette something something. Looks like you’re pounding sand, Boy Wonder.

Now you try.

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