KSK Kommenter Draft: Hotel Amenities

07.26.13 4 years ago 51 Comments

lebron dj
LeBron’s in-room DJ will be executed if he ever stops spinning. Probably.

LeBron James is visiting China, because that is where basketball players visit when they want to sell shoes and/or receive the kind of adulation not afforded them in their native land. During his stay at Guangdong’s W Hotel, James will enjoy 24/7 in-room DJ service for some reason that probably doesn’t warrant explanation.

Trip Advisor lists 2,504 things to do in Guangdong, none of which are “stay in your room listening to Black Eyed Peas/Drake mashups around the clock.” But hey, a perk is a perk. And the W will do almost anything you ask. In fact, I once had them store a large quantity of meat in their walk-in freezer for a weekend. True story, because I am weird and travel with lots of meat.

That brings us to this week’s Kommenter Draft. If you were staying at the W hotel in Guangdong, what perk would you request, regardless of cost. As much as I like music, I already have an iPod. So my choice would be easy. Give me your finest masseuse! I want one who does shit with her hands and feet. But none of that crazy sh*t that leaves welts on my back, please.


Heads up: Do not do an image search for “Chinese masseuse” at work. This is about as SFW as these things get.

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