KSK loves football like a fat hump loves cake

02.16.10 8 years ago 37 Comments

Cake Wrecks is the home of a blogger who was able to parlay her internet success into a book deal. (I hate jerks like that.) Anyhoo, today it featured Super Bowl cakes that did not end up as planned. I would be crushed if I was planning a fancy party and at the last minute discovered that the cake had a glaring mistake. I would demand a refund. Or a 30 second shot directly in the mouth from the frosting gun. Either one. Preferably the latter.


Either a horrible typo or Big Daddy Drew felt like commemorating his latest bathroom achievement.


An east coast agribusiness concern has developed a technique for producing
cotton plants the size of Karlos Dansby.


These Fat Humps were doubly aggrieved—first they lost the game, then they found out
there wasn’t really going to be a “Supper Bowl”.


Actually, there’s no blooper here—just a faithful rendering of Peyton Manning.
What an uncanny likeness. Well done.

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